Barracuda Backup Server

Barracuda Backup removes tedious complexity from backing up data — while driving down costs. Using removable media like tapes to backup and restore data takes a lot of time and effort. Using tape, restoring even one file or e-mail message can take hours. Then there are the tape rotations and shipping... Barracuda Backup combines a plug-and-play appliance for onsite backups with cloud storage (£35 per month per 200GB) or private cloud disc-based replication to quickly and securely store data in multiple locations off-site.

These offers are open to anybody that has a valid subscription of; Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall, Barracuda Webfilter, Barracuda Email Archiver Cloud or the Barracuda Backup whether your renewal is due this month or not. Renewing early does not change your existing renewal date.

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